A Guide to Proper Men’s Fashion

Fashion magazines tend to angle their advertising to women purely because they know that women are the prominent buyers of their products. They always like to do high fashion for the high street and they know that female consumers are more likely to head out to buy their merchandise. If you’re a gentleman looking for formal clothing then shopping online can sometimes be the way to go or finding carriers who sell brands like mens Olymp shirts available online on the high street is another. When you’re choosing your clothes you’re choosing how other people perceive you. It’s a sad fact but in today’s society our clothes are our brand, they show everyone else who matters. Generally, fashion and fashion magazines are geared toward women. It’s a known fact that unisex shops such as Primark, Peacocks and Next tend to have far larger children and women’s section than they do men’s.

It’s not because men don’t wear clothes or that men are not into fashion it’s just that men’s clothes are usually geared to the more high fashion or branded shops. You wouldn’t be buying mens wrangler jeans in the local Primark as these are jeans that are a denim heavyweight rather than your usual non branded denim. The pockets are oil and water resistant and there is a separate pocket to keep your phone safe as well. For the businessman, looking for well-tailored suits as a staple of the working wardrobe can include items from a proper tailors in the City or if you know your measurements, purchasing sleek and commanding where to get brook taverner suits online is a good option for the time-strapped man. Brook Taverener suits are some of the finest on the market and are tailored specifically and as they are so evidently beautifully made they really stand out in a crowd of people.

When you’re shopping for a suit you want to be able to reflect your prominence in your field and ill-fitting suit is simply unacceptable for the working businessman. When you’re shopping for a man’s wardrobe finding the right fit is important and sometimes the cost really shouldn’t matter. You can of course purchase t-shirts for less than £10 and suits for under £100 in the high street shops but there is no compromising on the quality of suit. Asda have a range of menswear, suits included, and while they may be cheap and appear smart, there’s a difference between the material and care that has gone into making that suit. Mass produced suits are not what should be worn for the boardroom. Those searching for a classic and tailored suit should go beyond Primark and be willing to invest in their suit and therefore in themselves.

Creating that first impression at a meeting with new clients or a job interview is something that can make all the difference when it comes to your suit.