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In the past where people are still building their needed foundations to build a successful career personally, or give their organizations publicity, a handful of business cards from everyone are a grateful plus. In networking events, custom designed paper rectangles that are wallet-sized utmost 3x 2 inches are popular.

Now, with the rise of mobile applications, and digital items, business card manufacturing companies are slowly evolving and willing to adapt through including digital business card service. Simplifying and changing the way people will participate in networking events, digital business card services somehow managed it shortly even though printing business cards are easier than in the past.

What is a digital business card service?

These are commonly mobile applications that are connected online. If one will avail to this service by installing a mobile digital business card creation application, their digital business card will be published all through the mobile and online web.

This service provides business card makers, which helps the user personalize their digital business card through online templates and graphic design.

A number of startups and application developers challenged and reinvented the idea of the business card but these adequate pieces of paper still manage to live despite this digital age.  Popular apps like Haystack has performed are beta testing in Australia and have gathered 3,000 businesses and institutions on its services. Moreover, Sharable online versions of companies like Cardcloud are attempting to reinvent business cards.

How does the service works?

Simply get your mobile and open the smartphone (iPhone) app or an Android website when you meet someone at an event. Then enter their email addresses and click send. These people will now receive an Email (which commonly rectangular in shape like those traditional business cards) and downloadable links and one’s contact information.

Simply, digital business card service provides a soft copy of your business card, which can be easily sent, publicized, and delivered to people on the user’s networks. Indeed this unique feature has a special place in the future.


They are free to install and accessible by checking email from anywhere. They can get everyone’s email address in which one can network and send their cards straight away.

They are also changeable in the sense that one can change their details in a second. Moreover, they can be forwarded to different users, non-app users included. Furthermore, it gives a location where you met the person and saves a list of which users sent their digital business cards to. Finally, it can save a tree because it is only a virtual copy.


Digital business card service is operated by mobile applications to open. It also needed a secure internet connection to access this service. According to some users, it is a slower process than handling a piece of 3 x 2 inches paper.

Some digital business card services have the same layouts built-in for your digital business card which lacks flexibility. It might be a new innovative approach on the idea of business cards, but digital business card services are a rough diamond and future features and studies must be implemented.

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